Rail Control System (RCS)

The Rail Control System (RCS) manages train controlling and dispatching on the entire SBB rail network.

Traffic management for Europe’s densest rail network.

Since its introduction in 2009, SBB and other infrastructure users have been employing RCS as a uniform and integrated rail control system for rail traffic – and this on the most heavily used rail network in Europe. RCS effectively manages this high level of rail traffic, and has been specially designed to handle even higher volumes in the future. RCS is an exceptionally efficient, precisely constructed group of applications which covers needs from route management and topology data management to the presentation of operational status and rail control. Thanks to their open architecture, all applications are highly integrated and deliver data and services to over 200 additional systems.

Your back-up for all occurrences. The alarm and incident assistant ALEA+ optimally processes information flows in cases of disruption.

The alarm and incident assistant ALEA+ significantly improves communication in cases of disruption. At the same time, it is designed to interact smoothly with the Rail Control System (RCS), the uniform and integrated rail control system for rail traffic.

When disruption to rail operations occurs, the amount of information that needs to be processed is enormous. All those involved have to correctly interpret highly complex data. All decisions made are forwarded by ALEA+ quickly, individually and in a targeted manner to everyone involved, thereby reducing the time lost through secondary delays.

RCS is a versatile and highly efficient group of applications.

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