Rail champion quiz October – group travel.

Travelling together helps us bond. Whether it’s a corporate event, a school trip or a club excursion, organise a group trip for your customers – travelling by public transport is not just climate-friendly, it’s affordable and comfortable too.

30% discount on the train journey? Yes, we can do that! A group ticket allows groups of 10 or more people to travel across Switzerland by public transport for less. Group tickets can be issued for either 1st or 2nd class and can be booked for a single journey, return journey or round trip. Half Fare Travelcards and GA Travelcards are taken into account and children and young people under 25 years old can travel for half price.

Reservation and registration.

You can issue a group ticket for your customers from as few as 10 people travelling together. That way, they benefit from a 30% discount on the train journey. Group journeys must be registered at least two days before departure. On all SBB long-distance services, spaces for registered groups are reserved and the reservation is displayed in the train. On trains that are not staffed, the necessary space is guaranteed but there is no reservation or notice on the train. This also applies for any other transport companies involved in the journey. Seat reservations for groups are made free of charge. 

More information on our service offer for groups Link opens in new window.

Indulge on the move – rail catering for groups.

There are SBB Restaurants or SBB Bistros on most InterCity or EuroCity trains.  You can organise special menus or specific takeaway catering options for groups of 10 or more people. A small breakfast, an appetizer platter or a delicious lunch – it’s all possible. For reservations and requests, please contact Elvetino AG directly at sales@elvetino.chLink opens in new window..

Group excursions.

With a group ticket, your customers can benefit from a discount of at least 10% on many leisure activities. RailAway provides lots of suggestions so there may well be something among them for your customers. 

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Group luggage.

To make travelling as a group even more comfortable, we also offer your customers various special offers for luggage transport. Whether that’s transporting luggage from an agreed collection point directly to where they’re staying or transporting bikes to and from selected stations, almost anything is possible.

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Rail champion quiz October.

What is the name of the catering company in SBB dining cars and SBB Bistros?
A group trip…?
What is the minimum number of passengers required within a group to get the 30% discount?
How much does the door-to-door group luggage flat rate cost for 10 or more people with a maximum of 50 luggage items?
Conditions of participation

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