Please find below a list of our alumni (excluding senior advisors) and their role since leaving SBB Consulting.

Alumni Worked at SBB Consulting during the period Position at SBB Consulting Position after SBB Consulting
Baer David 04.2009–07.2014 Senior Consultant Project manager for the Romandie region masterplan, Group function at SBB Regional Services 
Bühler Daniel 08.2008–04.2010 Consultant Head of Maintenance Planning, SBB Operating
Faltus Christian 05.2010–04.2014 Senior Project Manager Head of Material Requirement Planning, SBB Passenger Operating 
Gschwend Nadja 04.2012–06.2013 Consultant Product Manager Public Transport, PostAuto Schweiz AG
Haag Simon 01.2014–07.2014 Senior Consultant Senior Associate, INNOSIGHT
Hunziker Roman 04.2012–04.2014 Senior Consultant Project Manager Corporate Operations, Huber+Suhner AG
Jordan Annette 10.2010–01.2013 Senior Project Manager Head of Sales Regions, SBB Passenger Division
Känzig Karin 03.2000–07.2014 Assistant Management Assistant TOP Programme Financing / Management Rail Network
Maccagnan Raphael 04.2014–01.2014 Project Manager Unavailable
Maier Christine 11.2009–07.2013 Senior Project Manager Head of Strategy, Customers and Major Projects, SBB Operating
Meier Martina 05.2011–09.2013 Consultant Product Manager Public, SBB Regional Services
Mellenberger Cornelia 08.2009–11.2012 Project Manager Head of Organisational Development, SBB Group
Naef Michael 12.2009–11.2012 Senior Consultant Specialist in Sustainability, SBB Group
Nugent Mischa 02.2010–08.2011 Deputy Head/ Senior Project Manager Head of Corporate Development,  SBB Regional Services
Purtschert Ladina 06.2013–08.2014 Senior Consultant Project Head, Customer-oriented Rail Production
Rindlisbacher Samuel 10.2008–11.2009 Business Analyst Head of the Group-level Customer Information Programme, SBB Operating
Schenk Martin 04.2009–07.2014 General Manager Head of TOP Programme Financing / Management Rail Network
Thurau Jasmin 03.2014–03.2015 Consultant Not available
Woll Günther 06.2014–12.2014 Not available Not available

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