Services Innovation, Research and Incubation.

Innovation, Research and Incubation enables SBB to strengthen its core business and shapes the mobility of future. To do this, SBB is looking for innovative partners, projects and ideas that can make the next step in mobility possible.

The services that Innovation, Research and Incubation provide include:

  • Developing and assessing global, European and Swiss trends and developments, data, sce-narios and simulations for current and future SBB services.
  • Providing input on the SBB strategy.
  • Incubation, exploration, support and coaching for innovation and development projects.
  • Establishing, managing and maintaining collaborations with higher education institutions, start-ups, established partner companies, etc. 
  • Scouting and screening global start-ups and innovative solutions.
  • Provision and further development of the integrated SBB system of innovation. 

SBB has a dedicated innovation portfolio that is focused on its core business and derived directly from the current SBB strategy. We combine our strengths together with higher education institutions and universities to develop the best solutions.

The incubator of SBB explores solutions before they are launched in the market, independently or in collaboration with external companies. Do you have an innovative idea for the mobility of tomorrow? Are you working on an innovation project or in a start-up that is looking to collaborate with SBB?

Get in touch with us for a discussion: ifi@sbb.chLink opens in new window.

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Innovation, Research and Incubation