MyShuttle in the City of Zug.

Learn about our experiences with an autonomous shuttle on public roads in mixed traffic situations in the middle of the City of Zug, Switzerland.

The MyShuttle Project brought an autonomous shuttle into regular traffic in the City of Zug. The chosen routes included speed zones up to 50 km/h and mixed traffic including public transport route buses, regular mixed city traffic, pedestrian crossings, traffic lights and even bike lanes – at the time, one of the most complex environments in Europe for this kind of vehicle.

By deliberately pushing the boundaries, invaluable insights into the operation of autonomous vehicles were gleaned.

Customer acceptance for autonomous shuttles, the integration of flexible offerings into customer information channels and evaluating the technical maturity of the current generation of vehicles were the main project goals.

Die Hauptziele rund um MyShuttle waren das Verstehen der Nutzerbedürfnisse, die intermodale Integration sowie das Erkennen der technischen Maturität von Hardware und Infrastruktur.

The research character of this project differentiates it from other autonomous shuttle undertakings in Switzerland. Various hypotheses were tested under real world conditions during the operations in 2019. The limited technical maturity of vehicle reduced the number of project milestones that could be achieved.

Despite various setbacks, the project was a complete success. Of particular note is the progress that was made regarding technical competencies, the homologation process and vehicle operations.

During the complete project timeframe from 2017 – 2019, vast know how was accumulated. On this website, you can find a brief overview of the most essential aspects. A detailed final project report to the Federal Department of Roads (Bundesamt für Strassen – ASTRA) can be found here.

MyShuttle Final Project Report (in German) Link opens in new window.

  • Ausstieg an Haltestelle
  • MyShuttle an der Haltestelle
  • MyShuttle im Quartier
  • MyShuttle unterwegs
  • MyShuttle beim Zielort V-Zug


In addition to tremendous support within SBB (particularly the Operations Centre located at Zurich Airport), the project success could only have been achieved together with our partners and service providers.

Many thanks to all involved.

SBB Team.

The people behind the MyShuttle Project.

Carolin Holland

Project Lead (since 2019)

"I am extremely proud of what we as a team could achieve and all that we have learned, in such a complex environment."

Zoltán László

Project Lead until May 2019, afterwards Marketing & Organisation

"Together with our partners, we have shown that Swiss public transport continues to be at the leading edge of European innovation!"

Maria Aceto

Operations & Processes

"MyShuttle enabled us to live a dream and promised us a glimse of the future, with less pressure on streets and carparks and an achievable reduction in energy usage. To get there, there are still a number of challenges to be overcome."

Jamie Townsend

Data Architecture & technical Integration (since 2019)

"We make tomorrows solutions possible today."

Olivier Wolf

IT Architect (until 2019)

"Important work to better understand the challenges and potential of in the interaction and integration of the various systems."

Flurin Meng

Agile Coach and Scrum Master

"Besides the technical challenges, the MyShuttle Project provided the perfect testing ground to push the envelope of agile projects – with all its advantages and disadvantages."

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