Railway knowledge.

To help you offer your customers the best possible travel advice, you will find lots of useful information on rail travel in Switzerland and abroad on our railway knowledge website. Please contact the Business Travel Service Centre if you have any questions.

Advantages of Travelling by Rail.

Rail travel has a number of advantages for your customers:

  • Quickly travel from city to city. Arrive right in the city centre, no airport transfers.
  • Convenience.
    • Travel in comfort.
    • Customers keep their luggage with them.
    • No restrictions on taking beverages or cosmetics in hand luggage.
  • High degree of flexibility. Flexible travel due to the high frequency of trains.
  • Actively use the travel time.
    • No hanging around at airports for check-in, security checks, boarding, luggage check-in and luggage collection or customs.
    • Make effective use of your time for your own needs.
  • Environmentally friendly travel: lower CO2 consumption than by car or air.
  • Relaxed und congestion-free travel.

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