Efficient travel to neighbouring countries.

For many companies, business trips to neighbouring countries are commonplace. Business travellers are often unsure of the most efficient and cost-effective way to get there. A comparison of travel times.

Whether you’re travelling from Zurich, Basel, Bern or Lausanne and Geneva – there are some destinations that are faster to reach by train than by plane. 

Travel time by train: 
Zürich – Stuttgart 2 h 57 
Zürich – München 4 h 20 
Zürich – Innsbruck 3 h 31 
Zürich – Milano 3 h 26
Bern – Milano 3 h 03
Lausanne – Milano 3 h 19
Lausanne – Paris 3 h 40
Genève – Milano 3 h 58
Genève – Marseille 3 h 32
Genève – Lyon 1 h 44
Genève – Paris 3 h 11
Basel – Paris 3 h 03 
Basel – Strasbourg 1 h 18 
Basel – Köln 3 h 52
Basel – Frankfurt 2 h 47
Image legend: Fig. Travel time by train.

Car, plane or train? A comparison of travel times.

Business trips to neighbouring countries often involve several meetings which require a lot of concentration and preparation. It’s therefore all the more important that you make sure that your journey time is as short, efficient and productive as possible. We’ve listed a few pros and cons for the three modes of transport below:




Independence and flexibility: no check-in required, no fixed departure and arrival times

Travel on your own terms (e.g. break and food stops whenever it suits you)

Travel time is not productive as you are not busy driving

Greater fatigue

Higher risk of accidents

Problems with parking and congestion

High expenses incurred from petrol, tolls and running costs as well as vehicle depreciation expenses

Not environmentally friendly




Frequent flyer programmes

Relatively quick transport, especially for longer journeys

Safe and comfortable travel

Travel time can sometimes be used productively

Good value for money

Additional time and effort spent travelling to the airport

Fixed travel times

Luggage and travel regulations

Severe environmental impact

Not viable for short journeys




No check-in, no waiting times, you arrive right at your desired destination

High level of flexibility thanks to frequent connections (clock-face schedule)

High-speed trains

Travel time is used productively, e.g. preparing for upcoming business meetings

Comfortable: leg room, sufficient space for luggage and hand luggage

Arrive right in the city centre

Low environmental impact

Good value for money: one ticket for everything

Combined mobility with P+Rail, RailTaxi or Mobility Business Carsharing

Fixed departure and arrival times

Not viable for long journeys

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