Digital Advertising – exclusive and targeted.

Thought about advertising with SBB? Many people don't realize that SBB also markets prominent advertising space on its digital channels as well as through its well-known core business. SBB Mobile is among the most frequently used apps in Switzerland and the number of visits to is also impressive. Why not use these platforms for advertising purposes?

The advantages for you with SBB Digital Advertising.

  • Numerous touchpoints to reach your specific target groups
  • Premium placements in a trusted environment
  • Individual consulting for large and small budgets
  • A wide range of targeting opportunities

Tailored offer.

We’ll arrange a personal consultation with you to determine how you can optimally use SBB's digital channels as advertising space.

Customer stories – see how our customers advertise with us.

Let these advertising scenarios and ideas inspire your next digital advertising campaign with SBB. We have the right solution for everyone’s needs.

How to advertise with SBB!

All about our different advertising opportunities – explained in plain terms. Find out here how you can benefit from the wide-ranging advertising opportunities on SBB's digital channels – whether you're a large company, a local business or a start-up.

Further information.