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Exclusively for members of advertise on our well-known digital channels and benefit from a 40% discount until the end of the year.

Our websites and apps are among the most successful in Switzerland. We offer you 14 million contact opportunities per week. Our digital advertising spaces allow you to reach your customers at any time. You also benefit from enormous reach and attractive targeting possibilities without any wastage. 

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Through SBB Mobile, the following targeting parameters guarantee you a high level of relevance for your advertising, whether national, regional, or local:

  • point of departure and/or place of arrival
  • departure and/or arrival time
  • departure and/or arrival date
  • departure and/or arrival day
  • geolocation (GPS coordinates)
  • 1st class or 2nd class
  • Half Fare Travelcard 
  • age
  • place of residence 
  • gender

Other advertising platforms you can use to reach your target groups accurately and without major wastage:

We wish you every success with your advertising placements, and would be happy to offer you personalised advise at any time. 

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