Achieving success with five-star targeting.

A view of the Matterhorn, exclusive Michelin cuisine, innovative sauna landscape against a unique mountain backdrop – these are just some of the highlights a well-known high-end hotel in Valais has to offer. 

A hotel which is certainly not for just anyone. Business is running and guests are coming. But in the off-season in particular, the hotel faces challenges. Though the strategy for attracting back previous guests is working well and word of mouth is paying off, the owner believes in the potential of a digital approach to gain new customers.

The SBB Mobile app offers him the ideal solution: with 1st class targeting, only those who would consider a hotel in this price category are shown his advertising. In addition, he selects various regions where in his experience many of his Swiss guests come from. His hotel banner now only reaches 1st class passengers who come from Zurich, Zug or Lucerne. That’s precisely his target group!

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