Covering the whole year.

The aim of a large museum in Zurich is to be ever-present in the minds of its target group. 

Whether in summer or winter, in the Easter or autumn holidays – there is always an abundant cultural offering. To make sure visitor numbers don’t just go up during brief campaign periods, the innovative museum decided to go for an ongoing all year-round push. The main target group was fairly easy to identify: individuals interested in art and culture from all over Switzerland, aged 35 to 55. Alongside traditional poster and print advertising, the museum now also wants its advertising to set off on a digital track. 

With all its digital advertising opportunities, SBB offers the ideal solution. With a media mix covering all digital channels and targeting to the relevant target groups, the all year-round push proves to be an effective and efficient way to reach new potential visitors. The perfect solution for advertising all year round!

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