Getting a head start with a competition.

Lena, head of marketing for a Swiss insurance provider, is faced with a constant challenge: coming up with creative ideas to secure new customers.

She knows from long-standing experience that competitions are among the most effective ways to generate leads. But this is precisely her next challenge: how can she make sure that not only existing customers take part in the competition? If she posted the link to the competition on her own website or in her own newsletter, the new customers she would reach would be zero. This is a mistake she definitely wants to avoid. But she does definitely want to make sure she advertises in a space customers trust. Because at the end of the day, taking out insurance is a question of trust.

The SBB Newsletter – which she and 1.8 million other Swiss subscribe to – popped into her mind. 

By placing her competition in the SBB and PostBus newsletters, she benefits from a vast reach and can be sure to receive high click rates. And most importantly: she can be sure that her competition will be placed in a serious high-quality publication.

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