In and around the station.

A take-away chain has branches in Switzerland’s largest railway stations. 

Despite significant passing trade and healthy turn-over figures, the chain wants to advertise digitally to increase turn-over yet further. The aim is to reach all potential customers as far as is possible – and that means people of all ages who spend time in or around those stations. And as is so often the case, the perfect solution is within easy reach.

Amongst SBB’s digital advertising options, the take-away chain found exactly what it needed. Timetable targeting on and in the SBB Mobile app makes it possible to specifically direct the advertising at users who enter the stations where the take-aways are as an origin or destination. That means the advertising is only played to people who are actually at the chosen stations or will very soon be there. What’s more, the take-away provider opts for activating advertising on SBB WiFi. That means it can also reach users who are on SBB’s free WiFi in the relevant stations, and so are already in those stations. The perfect solution not just for take-aways, but for all station shops and services!

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