Making a new opening a success.

For years, Amélie dreamt of opening her own café. 

Now this has become reality and she was recently able to open her trendy, healthy café near the station in Lucerne. But unfortunately the customers didn’t turn up out of thin air – and she hadn’t imagined the start would be quite so hard. She pondered and racked her brains: how could she reach as many potential new customers as possible without spending a lot of money? First of all, she decided she would like to advertise to young, health-conscious women who spend time in the vicinity of her café in Lucerne or travel to Lucerne.

By placing advertising in the SBB Mobile app, she can reach exactly this target group very easily: her secret – timetable and geolocation targeting for Lucerne combined with age and sex targeting! Additionally, she chooses WiFi targeting for Lucerne station to make her café attractive to those who happen to pass by.

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