Swiss clocks as a souvenir.

Heiko, marketing manager for a prestigious Swiss watch brand, has a clear idea of who his target groups are. 

By far the most important group are Asian tourists who would like to buy themselves a souvenir to remember their trip to Switzerland. How many Asian tourists don’t dream of sporting a swish Swiss watch? But most tourists don’t give the brand and model much thought beforehand – it just has to be Swiss and high-quality. Heiko sensed his opportunity: why not win over Asian tourists by advertising his watch brand to them before they even arrive in Switzerland?

By targeting for the browser language Chinese, he can filter users by country of origin – and pick out the potential Swiss watch customers. It can’t get more effective than this! When the Asian tourists are in Switzerland, they spot the brand they’ve seen in the shop window and recognise it – either consciously or unconsciously. Heiko has also adopted timetable targeting for the destination Interlaken and browser language Chinese. So he can get back in touch with his target group when they arrive with his advertising. And very soon he will be seeing his watch worn by a great many Chinese tourists!

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