Programmatic advertising.

SBB’s digital advertising inventory is available for programmatic advertising via Google Ad Exchange in addition to traditional advertising. “Private Auctions” extend the existing range and offer you a non-guaranteed inventory at attractive prices.

The benefits for you.

  • Automated and efficient access to the SBB inventory.
  • Targeting your selected audiences (third-party data).
  • Cross-campaign media consolidation (control of frequency capping).
  • Brand safety on all SBB pages.


The General Terms and Conditions of Business of SBB AG are an integral part of the offer. When placing an order by means of private auctions, the customer confirms that he/she is familiar with the GTCs and therefore agrees with both the content and conditions agreed.

For specific targeting opportunities such as timetable, geotargeting and first-party data, your contact will gladly take your direct booking as always.

General Terms and Conditions of Business of SBB AG Link opens in new window.

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Digital Advertising.

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