Thanks to versatile targeting options, you can address travellers in a targeted manner and thus reduce scatter loss to a minimum. Choose suitable targeting for your target groups and reach local, regional and national markets with your advertising.


Reach your customers right where they are at the time. We offer the following options:

  • Geolocation, based on GPS coordinates
  • Of approximately 80 WiFi locations, targeting them individually or several at once (e.g. adapted to your branch network)


  • Aim.

    Advertise a holiday resort in the Canton of Bern.

  • Targeting.

    Geo-targeting and individual stations in the Bern region.

Timetable information.

The timetable website offers you the opportunity to run locallybased advertising campaigns (geo-targeting based on location or canton).

The following targeting options are available:

  • Departure and/or arrival location
  • Departure and/or arrival canton
  • Departure and/or arrival time
  • Departure and/or arrival date
  • Departure and/or arrival day
  • National and/or international connection


  • Aim.

    Advertise the Geneva Motor Show.

  • Targeting.

    Destination Geneva Palexpo on the timetable of and SBB Mobile.

Journey information.

Would you like to reach customers who travel in a certain way?

The following information can help you with this:

1st class or 2nd class


  • Aim.

    Advertise luxury watches to business travellers.

  • Targeting.

    1st class on SBB Mobile and SBB WiFi.

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