Targeting on SBB Mobile and the SBB website.

Advertise on SBB Mobile and the SBB website with a wide range of targeting opportunities. Whether adapted to the context, profile-based or location-based: you reach your target groups with pinpoint accuracy.

An overview of our targeting opportunities.

  • Departure and/or arrival location
  • Departure and/or arrival time
  • National and/or international connections
  • 1st class or 2nd class
  • Half Fare Travelcard
  • Geolocation (GPS coordinates)
  • Weather targeting
  • Place of residence
  • Age & gender

IP targeting.

To reduce scatter losses, we offer IP targeting which enables campaigns to only be displayed to a specific group of users limited to a particular place. This way, advertisers can target groups of customers abroad before they visit Switzerland. Such as customers from Asia, for example, as around 350,000 people from this part of the world visit each month.

Targeting for leisure and holidays.

We offer excursions in a number of categories in the leisure and holidays sector. These include events, museums and sightseeing, nature, sport, city breaks and short trips, spa and much more. By booking one or more categories, you give your customers the opportunity to place their advertising in a manner which is optimally matched to the topic of the page visited.

We will be happy to assist you and give you individual advice on how to create the perfect mix of channels for each target group!

Renate Rükgauer

Sales & Account Manager – Digital Advertising

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Digital Advertising.

Renate Rükgauer, Sales & Account Manager


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We would like to remind you that Digital Advertising is not responsible for providing information on timetables, tickets or travelcards. This information is available by phone from the SBB Contact Center 0848 44 66 88 (CHF 0.08/min.).