About SBB.

SBB - Strongly anchored in Switzerland.

Every day, we transport over 1.25 million passengers and 145,000 tonnes of freight to their destinations. But we are more than just the Swiss federal railway: 33,000 passionate employees make us the backbone of public transport and work with us on our vision for mobility in the future.

SBB's vision and strategy.

Mobility is undergoing a profound and comprehensive change. New customer needs, digitalization, new mobility providers and regulatory developments are changing markets and business models. The SBB Strategy 2020 and our vision provide the answers. Rail under control and shaping the mobility of the future – simple, personal, connected.

SBB is the backbone of the Swiss public transport system, and daily rail operations are our basis. SBB has been transporting passengers and goods for over 100 years. We are thus making an important contribution to the quality of life and competitiveness of Switzerland. We want to continue this success story in times when the entire economy and society, as well as the mobility sector, are undergoing profound change. In this way, we will continue to assume our responsibility for public transport and Switzerland in the future.

Facts and figures.

Real estate.

  • 795 railway stations
  • 144 different convenience stores
  • Over 20,000 parking spaces
  • 170 outlets served
  • 3500 buildings in Switzerland

Passenger traffic.

  1. 758 POS
  2. Over 1.25 million travellers per day
  3. 4 million tickets sold
  4. Over 4 million regular users of SBB Mobile (Swiss Top App)


  • 7634 Track kilometers
  • 313 Tunnel
  • 496 Signal boxes
  • One of the busiest rail networks in the world

Further data & figures.

Additional SBB figures can be found at company.sbb.ch, and our Open Data section also offers a wide range of data for direct download. The key to the golden data treasure chest is available at data.sbb.ch.Link opens in new window.