How ideas become reality.

All ideas and enquiries submitted to us regarding cooperation pass through SBB’s innovation process. 

Our innovation specialists accompany and support start-ups and those who come up with ideas in accordance with their needs. As part of the innovation process, the projects/cooperative ventures are repeatedly checked for feasibility in various phases and gates in terms of the added value they generate for customers and SBB.

If there is mutual interest in cooperation, a business model which includes expected flows of money and goods then has to be worked out. Valuable customer feedback is obtained by testing the new product / service on the market itself (Proof of Concept). This can be immediately taken into consideration during the further development of the product.

In the subsequent pilot phase, the creation of a more detailed business case begins. This forms the basis for the decision regarding the possibility of implementation. Once the business unit in question has given its approval, the product or service is finalised.


Through our cooperative ventures, we seek to

  • continuously improve our core business in infrastructure, maintenance and operations and prepare for the future.
  • rapidly test new mobility services and products on the market to make travel even more pleasant for our customers.
  • gather experience with new technologies by applying them in cooperative ventures.