Success Stories.

Our partnerships with startups are more than a marketing campaign. Thanks to motivated young businesses, we have been able to test and implement new solutions. 

In the past, SBB has already had the pleasure of celebrating some successes in its work with startups:

Our network.

Startups, universities, major corporations and network partners; SBB Startup has a broad network of partners that it works with to drive forward open innovation. SBB plays an active role on the startup scene, focusing on Switzerland and Europe. It also has scouts in the USA, Israel and China who are on the lookout for the best development partners for SBB.

Startups and innovation at SBB.

Andreas Meyer

Former CEO of SBB (2007 – 2020)

“’Not invented here’ was yesterday. What matters is what reaches customers, not where it comes from. We rely on internal and external innovation with partners such as universities, industry and startups. Startups help us to drive forward innovations more quickly and test out new technologies.”

Patrick Brugger

Head of Innovation SBB AG

“We have been working closely with startups in Switzerland and abroad for many years now. Our innovation management team is perfectly equipped to work with startups and actively scouts startups to bring new solutions and services to the rail for our customers.”

Yves Zischek

Head of Smart Rail 4.0

“We live in a time in which the pace of innovation and change is higher than the pace of adaptation. Small startups have an advantage in terms of agility and willingness to change. In contrast, a company like SBB can offer stability, structure and access as assets.”