For suppliers.

Reliable and competitive partners make a valuable contribution to SBB’s commercial success, which is why the company believes a comprehensive approach to supplier management is important. Supplier management is geared towards forming, influencing and enhancing customer-supplier relationships.

It is therefore about improving the performance of existing suppliers, strengthening partnerships and appraising new suppliers. A core element is cost-effective procurement that takes into account life-cycle costs, security of supply, quality and safety standards as well as innovations to increase customer benefit.

Supplier management at SBB encompasses the following stages:

Appraising suppliers.

  • Before a supplier is approved (“ready for business”), it is checked out using a suitable appraisal scheme depending on the goods or services to be procured.

Evaluating suppliers.

  • SBB evaluates suppliers regularly against standard criteria during the provision of their services.

Developing suppliers.

  • The suppliers are required to respond to results from the evaluation and the potential for improvement thus identified by taking action and fine-tuning their processes.

Phasing out suppliers.

  • Contracts expire or services are procured from elsewhere. SBB also manages this process in a proactive manner.

List of qualified suppliers.

As well as the abovementioned supplier qualification, SBB also operates a verification system for certain products in accordance with the Swiss Federal Act on Public Procurement/Swiss Ordinance on Public Procurement. The latest list of qualified suppliers is published on every year. The lists of qualified suppliers can be obtained during the year by e-mailing the addresses below. 

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