Corporate Legal Services and Compliance.

Legal & Compliance supports the Management Board, the divisions and Group-level units with all legal matters. Compliance with applicable laws and and highest ethical standards is the basis on which SBB successfully manages its business.

SBB expects all employees and members of Boards of Directors, affiliated group companies, as well as all customers, suppliers and business partners to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. The SBB Code of Conduct serves as the basis for the understanding of compliance.

Behaving with integrity ensures safety, quality and sustainability in the interest of the customer, creates the prerequisites for a working environment with integrity and encourages and protects the good reputation of all. The Compliance Reporting Office supports us in protecting our common values.

The Compliance Reporting Office.

The Compliance Reporting Office is available to SBB employees, SBB-affiliated group companies, as well as to customers, suppliers and business partners to report suspected or known breaches of the Code of Conduct or other regulations and/or illegal activities in the following areas:

Corruption (including conflicts of interest), fraud, competition law, procurement law, data protection, money laundering, environmental laws and other breaches of the code of conduct.


Nora Teuwsen (1975)

Head of Legal & Compliance (since 2013)

Lic.iur., attorney. Executive MBL University of St. Gallen. With SBB since 2004. Formerly head of Legal and Procurement and member of the Management Board of SBB Real Estate, and deputy head of Legal & Compliance. Previously worked in a legal practice.

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