Advantages for freight forwarders.

The purpose of the 4-metre corridor is to allow the carriage of semitrailers, swap bodies and containers with a 4-metre headroom. Vehicles of this size are used by the transport industry throughout Europe. The term "semitrailers" refers to trailers with their own running gear. Together with the prime mover, they form a semitrailer combination or truck-trailer unit.

At present, truck-trailer units make up 60 percent of transalpine freight journeys and thus represent the most significant category of vehicle. Transport experts and market insiders assume that truck-trailer units will be employed even more widely in future.

This means that the 4-metre corridor will help to satisfy one of the European transport industry's vital needs. In future, freight forwarders will drive their truck-trailer units to terminals in the Netherlands, Germany or Italy, where they will load their semitrailers onto the trains. Thanks to the 4-metre corridor, it will also be possible for all standard crossloading or transhipment containers currently in use throughout Europe to be carried on this route. The result will be smooth, environmentally friendly transalpine freight transport.

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