Projects and financing.

Creating a 4-metre corridor along the entire Gotthard route will require 20 tunnels between Basel and the southern side of the Alps to be enlarged. In addition, there are 80 projects for alterations to platforms, traction current systems, signalling installations and overpasses. The aim is for semitrailers with a 4-metre headroom to be carried through the Gotthard by rail by 2020.

For upgrading twelve tunnels and undertaking the 80 individual alteration measures, the Swiss parliament approved of a loan of CHF 710 million in 2013. The single biggest project is the construction of a new Bözberg tunnel in Canton Aargau, which will cost CHF 350 million. Other projects include work on the Villnachern, Morschach, Svitto, Paradiso/San Martino, Maroggia and Molino tunnels.

In order for the 4-metre corridor to achieve its full potential, sections of line in Italy are also to be upgraded to a 4-metre headroom. The routes concerned are Chiasso-Milan and Ranzo-Gallarate/Novara (the Luino line). Only by upgrading these feeder lines for the new transalpine rail routes will it be possible to move freight shipments to the loading terminals in Italy. Parliament has approved a loan of 280 million francs for upgrading the feeder lines in Italy, with 50 million francs of this to be used for the section south of the Simplon.

The upgrades to some smaller tunnels will be financed by the service-level agreement between the federal government and SBB. These projects include the Rindelfluh tunnel, the Axen lakeside track and the Crocetto/Giustizia, Dragonato, Massagno, Coldrerio and Balerna tunnels.