Freight traffic is becoming more efficient and more environment-friendly.

When it comes to freight traffic, the new Gotthard Tunnel will bring increased capacity, faster connections and greater reliability.

SBB Cargo customers will receive efficient, congestion-free and environment-friendly solutions for their logistics requirements. With up to 750-metre-long trains, SBB Cargo will be able to operate even more efficiently. Since the 2016/17 timetable change, up to four freight trains have been able to run every hour in each direction. Up to three deliveries and collections will thus be made every day at busy operating points in Ticino.

For international transit traffic, the new Gotthard Base Tunnel marks a first major step towards the flat rail route through the Alps. With the Ceneri Base Tunnel and the 4-metre corridor (for transporting 4-metre-high semi-trailers by train), rail will become significantly more competitive on the north-south corridor. From the end of 2020, freight trains will be able to transport up to 2,000 tonnes instead of the 1,600 or so tonnes that they do today.

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