A facelift for the new Gotthard North-South Corridor.

A world-leading tunnel deserves equally high-quality stops and stations. That’s why SBB is inspecting stations along the North-South Corridor and sprucing them up as needed.

The Bellinzona station is a shining example of this work. The historical station building and grounds were developed in parallel to the Gotthard railway between 1874 and 1882. Today, the Bellinzona railway hub is vitally important to the region; every day, over 13,000 passengers pass through it on the way to work, a leisure activity or a place of learning. With the opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel in 2016 and the Ceneri Base Tunnel in 2019, the number of passengers who use the station is expected to rise to around 25,000 – and SBB is not taking this lightly.

It has been expanding and refurbishing Bellinzona station since July 2014. The station grounds are being fully modernised, giving them a new lease of life and providing an excellent location for retail and food outlets, as well as new office and service areas. The bright new entrance hall forms a central node connecting different commercial spaces, the new SBB travel centre and a variety of food outlets. In total, SBB is investing around 36 million francs in the new Bellinzona station.

The expansion and renovation work is already in full swing, ensuring that the new Bellinzona station will be ready to receive passengers when the Gotthard Base Tunnel opens in December 2016 – and providing a symbolic gateway into Ticino.

Renewed splendour for Lugano train station.

Ticino’s most populous city – Lugano – has already benefited from a station upgrade. During the nearly three-year modernisation, Lugano station was given a new, inviting SBB travel centre costing around CHF 19 million. A medical centre is just one business that has moved into the new office premises. The Atrio project – a joint venture of the city of Lugano, the Canton of Ticino and SBB – is still under way. The project involves the development of a new station entrance, a new funicular railway and a wider range of shops to meet the needs of today’s discerning travellers.

Of course, smaller stations along the North-South Corridor haven’t been forgotten; in the north, the Mägenwil, Othmarsingen and Wohlen stations are being renovated, while in the south, the Bodio and Lavorgo stations have been given a new lick of paint. Possible improvements at other stations are currently under review.

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