Development of the access routes for customers to benefit fully.

In order for customers to benefit fully from the Gotthard corridor, SBB is improving access routes to the base tunnels and, by 2020, will complete a continuous 4-metre corridor from Basel to the Italian border.

Therefore, once the Gotthard Base Tunnel comes into operation, construction activity will intensify on the Gotthard corridor. To the north, the priorities are at Lake Zug and Axen, while in the south, they lie in the Bellinzona area. A number of tunnels will also be renovated or constructed. This concentration of construction sites in terms of time and space represents a major challenge for timetable stability and carries the risk of delays and connection problems. The timetable is operating despite these construction sites, but it is more vulnerable. With a range of measures relating to rolling stock, construction and operations, SBB will limit the impact on customers as much as possible until the 25 construction projects are completed.

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