New Lucerne station.

Lucerne station is the hub and focal point of public transport in Central Switzerland. 

Some 100,000 people board, alight or transfer trains in Lucerne every weekday. The station’s infrastructure has reached the limits of its capacity. The Federal Government, the Cantons of Lucerne, Nidwalden and Obwalden, the City of Lucerne and SBB therefore want to expand the rail network and services on offer with a new through station.

The four-track through station will join various long-distance and regional traffic routes to cross-city lines. Passengers will benefit from new through services, more trains and shorter travel times, while SBB’s operating costs will be lower. The City of Lucerne and SBB can also use the current operational areas for urban development, which will make Lucerne a more attractive city. In its dispatch on the 2035 expansion plan, the Federal Council acknowledged the importance of the Lucerne through station.

On behalf of the Federal Government, SBB will be carrying out several studies and preliminary projects for the Lucerne through station until the end of 2022. These will be followed by corresponding construction and planning projects. SBB is thus ensuring that it can begin construction without losing any time as soon as funding has been secured for the implementation of the project. Funding allocation lies within the responsibility of the Federal Government and will be allotted via the Strategic Expansion Programme (STEP) – probably in the expansion phase after the next one. The planning work, costing CHF 85 million, will be financed by the STEP 2025 expansion plan decided upon in 2014.

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