The goal of BIM@SBB.

BIM is radically changing the planning, construction and managing processes of buildings and infrastructure installations.

Long-term studies from abroad have shown that the introduction of BIM is worthwhile in the medium and long term. SBB assumes that efficiency in the areas of project goals, appointments and costs will increase by around 5 to 10 percent.

According to the federal government, Switzerland is lagging behind other countries in terms of the use of technology. In light of this, BIM was incorporated into the federal digital action plan. The goal is that the federal government and all public bodies (incl. SBB) will be obliged to use the BIM method for real estate from 2021 and for infrastructure installations from 2025.

Establishing an international standard.

By 2020, SBB will establish the necessary IFC Standard for railway infrastructure in collaboration with international railways and the industry. The future exchange format is defined in these standards and describes what information about railway infrastructure can be exchanged between partners and systems and in what form.

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