HSR-C – Connection to High-Speed Rail Traffic.

The upgrade of the rail network in Eastern and Western Switzerland will enable SBB to connect with European high speed rail traffic (HSR).

Switzerland is located at the heart of Europe and therefore the intersection point for important transport routes. Already today our centres are served by high-speed trains, such as the TGV, ICE and tilting trains, from neighbouring countries.
Due to Switzerland's closely meshed network and the topography of the country it is simply not economical to implement the European standard with speeds of over 230 km/h on the Swiss network and this will not be a topic for discussion in the near future. The high-speed standard for Switzerland lies between 160 and 200 km/h.

An overview of HSR connections.

The upgrade of the HSR connections will result in the modernisation of the Swiss rail network and optimal connections with the European high-speed network. This will mean a reduction in journey times from Switzerland to the cities of Munich, Ulm, Stuttgart, Paris and Lyon.

The upgrade for the HSR connections will cost 1.09 billion francs and will be financed from the FinöV-funds (cost basis 2003). SBB is carrying out the work on behalf of the Federal Government.

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