Léman 2030.

Discover Léman 2030, the largest programme currently in place for improving rail traffic in French-speaking Switzerland.

Why Léman 2030?

By 2030 there will be more than 100,000 passengers travelling between Lausanne and Geneva every day – double the current figure – so it's essential that we are well prepared to meet your needs. 

Sustainable mobility and architectural and urban developments are at the heart of our project. We have overall responsibility for these aspects and are finding solutions with the help of investment from our partners.

The main benefits.

Public authorities are investing 3.8 billion Swiss francs in the Lake Geneva area to help make public transport more efficient and comfortable. We are proud to present the main benefits of these revitalisation projects which make up the entirety of the Léman 2030 programme.

  • Double the seat availability between Lausanne and Geneva.
  • New rail stations modernised, connected and more accessible.
  • Greater train frequency every 15 minutes on the RER Vaud (Cully–Cossonay) and the Léman Express.
  • Improved freight services to better meet consumption demands.