Lausanne: modernisation of the rail station.

To make travel at peak times more pleasant. 


  • 2019: planning permission.
  • January 2021: planning permission validly issued.
  • Summer 2021: start of the main work.
  • Spring 2023: Beginning of construction on the future station car park (south-west of the station, Epinettes neighbourhood).
  • April 2024: Beginning of construction of the underground level of the station square.
  • Summer 2024: Beginning of anchoring work south of the station.
  • 2026: Opening of the new station car park (Epinettes).
  • 2026: Beginning of transformation of the platforms.
  • 2030–2036: Staggered commissioning of platforms.
  • 2036–2037: Development of the underpasses.

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