Coppet–Founex: construction work on the passing track.

The freight passing track between Coppet and Founex allows freight and passenger services to run side by side. 

We would like to warn you, as a resident affected by this construction work, about occasional disruptions by giving you regular updates. You can read our calendar and our news updates to find out about upcoming work. 


  • 2017 – start of construction
  • December 2019 – start of operations
  • 2020 – end of construction

Engineering work updates.

We are currently carrying out the following work:

Engineering work will be ongoing throughout summer 2019 and will enable us to complete the project by December 2019. 

Between 2 June and 26 August, work will be taking place during the day, overnight and on some weekends. For more details, please visit the page 




Summer 2019, in particular from 2 June to 26 August 

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