Construction work at Meyrin station.

We are revitalising the Meyrin rail station in order to provide you with more comfortable and convenient facilities, with easier access to trains and more seats on longer trains. 

A new underpass dedicated to human-powered mobility is also being built. 

All about the project

We would like to warn you, as a resident affected by this construction work, about occasional disruptions by giving you regular updates. You can read our calendar and our news updates to find out about upcoming work. 


  • 2012 – preliminary studies
  • 2018 – planning permission
  • 2018 – start of construction
  • 2019 – opening of La Plaine, Russin and Satigny stations
  • 2020 – opening of Zimeysa and Meyrin stations
  • 2021 – opening of Vernier station

Engineering work updates.

We are currently carrying out the following work:

The works consist of constructing the new underpass and the new platforms.


Meyrin rail station


January to December 2020