Lausanne: modernisation of the rail station.

Lausanne station will be safe, comfortable and accessible for all travellers and local residents. It will provide public transport customers and Lausanne locals with a well-developed and attractive service offer.

The transformation of Lausanne station into a mobility hub will reinforce its importance for the national rail network. The platforms are to be widened and lengthened in order to accommodate 400-metre-long trains providing more available seating. Access to the platforms is to be improved and the station underpasses will be completely rebuilt. A third underpass will be added to the two existing underpasses, which will also be widened considerably to facilitate the flow of people through the station. There will also be improvements in access to the subway lines, the station forecourt and Rue du Simplon.

We would like to warn you, as a resident affected by this construction work, about occasional disruptions by giving you regular updates. You can read our calendar and our news updates to find out about upcoming work.


  • 2019 – planning permission
  • January 2021 – planning permission validly issued
  • Summer 2021 – start of the main work
  • 2025 – new platform 1 and opening of the new car parking
  • 2026 – new platform 5
  • 2027 – new platform 4
  • 2028 – new platform 2; 
  • 2029 – able to accommodate 400-metre-long trains on all platforms (new platform 3)
  • 2030 – opening of the m2 metro (new route) and the new space under the station forecourt (western part)
  • 2031 – opening of the m3 metro (Lausanne Station – la Blécherette) 
  • 2032 – New eastern underpass and the entire space under the station forecourt

Engineering work updates.

The gradual start of work at Lausanne station is planned for summer 2021. The preparatory work could begin in April 2021. You will be contacted as and when is necessary with further information.

As the different works begin, we will contact each affected neighbourhood in turn, providing you with information relevant to you or with invitations to our information meetings, the first of which are to be held in the spring.

Closing of the Lausanne train station car parking.

Simplon parking space will close permanently from 31 May 2021 at midnight due to the start of work on the transformation of Lausanne station. No parking will be available from 1 June 2021.


January to June 2021