Lausanne: reconstruction of the Jurigoz bridge.

The Jurigoz bridge needs reconstructing as part of the modernisation work being carried out at Lausanne rail station.

We are currently building a higher bridge that spans the tracks without any pillars. This new structure will integrate more seamlessly into the urban environment and will also provide seating.

Trains will be permitted to run in alternating directions during the work. Once it is over, the train service will return to normal.

All about the project

We would like to warn you, as a resident affected by this construction work, about occasional disruptions by giving you regular updates. You can read our calendar and our news updates to find out about upcoming work. 


  • June to August 2018: preliminary work
  • September 2018 to June 2019: phase one (reconstruction of the west side)
  • June 2019 to late summer 2020: phase two (reconstruction of the east side) 

Engineering work updates.

We are currently carrying out the following work:

  • The western section (opposite Lausanne rail station) is finished. In early July 2019, work began on the eastern side of the bridge. 
  • This means that trains will run on the completed side of the bridge while the construction site will be on the other side. 
  • As part of this switch from the west to the east side, all signals, pathways and traffic lights will be modified. Please take care when using the station. 


July 2019 to late summer 2020.