Renens: construction work at the rail station.

Over the coming years, Renens station is set to be given a complete facelift.

This is so that we can give you a space with better access for passengers with impaired mobility and families with pushchairs, as well as improve the public transport interlinks for connections between SBB, TL, M1 and the planned T1 tram line from Lausanne to Flon.

All about the project

We would like to warn you, as a resident affected by this construction work, about occasional disruptions by giving you regular updates. You can read our calendar and our news updates to find out about upcoming work. 


  • 2015 – start of construction
  • 2017 – opening of the new underpass 
  • 2018 – new M1 platform in 2019 – completion of platform 3 standardisation 
  • 2020 – completion of platforms 1 and 2 standardisation and opening of the "Rayon Vert" footbridge
  • 2020 – opening of the station
  • 2022 – renovation of passenger building 
  • Opening of platform 4 (once the construction permit has been issued for the TL tram project)

Engineering work updates.

We are currently carrying out the following work:


Gare de Renens, platform 2 


Once platform 3 has been fully opened, the transformation project will move to the south of the rail station. Work is currently underway on platform 2 (north). This involves lengthening and widening the platform, bringing it to the same level as the trains, and improving safety and access to trains. 


Engineering work on platform 2 (north): May 2019 to February 2020 

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