S-Bahn Zürich: 4th Phase of Expansion.

The S-Bahn is booming: around half of all commuters use public transport to get to Zurich. To keep pace with the demand, the 4th phase of expansion is extending services and infrastructure.

To take just one example, every day 100 000 people travel with the S-Bahn from Winterthur to Zurich – and the trend is rising. Zurich as a place to live and work is growing and changing. As part of the 4th phase of expansion the ZVV, SBB and neighbouring cantons are planning to introduce new S-Bahn lines. On top of this, existing lines are being extended and used more intensively. This requires adaptations to the existing network – lines need to be newly connected and at times differently directed.

A number of factors have an influence on the implementation of the 4th phase of expansion: political decisions, the release of financial resources and the availablity of new rolling stock. Ultimately, the entire project is dependent on three large projects: the Zurich cross-city link, connecting Switzerland with the European high-speed rail network (HSR-connection) and future development of rail infrastructure (FDRI).