Talking to the SBB: the Customer Council.

One million passengers travel with us every day. As we are very interested in hearing our passengers’ views, we have now created a Customer Council.

This is in addition to the existing Customer Service and our regular customer satisfaction surveys. The Customer Council will provide selected passengers with a platform on which to share ideas, ask questions and help to shape our services. The Customer Council is made up of people who represent the entire spectrum of our passengers. It includes young and older people, women, men, young persons, people who travel a lot and those who travel little, people with and without families, people who travel first and second class, business travellers and people travelling for leisure.

Fact Sheet.

  • Background: The members of the Customer Council rate projects from the customer's perspective, give ideas for new services and make suggestions for improving existing services, by means of a constructive dialogue on equal terms. However, the Customer Council does not have decision-making authority.
  • Purpose: The purpose of the Customer Council is to make services more customer-friendly and to make ongoing improvements to their quality.
  • Frequency of meetings: The Customer Council meets four times a year. From time to time, the members are asked to give their opinions on planned and existing measures via an electronic portal. Simple preparatory work may be necessary for the meetings.
  • Remuneration of expenses and meeting attendance allowance: We reimburse travel expenses in 1st class as well as meals on the day of the meeting. This voluntary role is compensated with an attendance fee of 200 francs per meeting in the form of Reka Rail Checks, which may be redeemed as part of the cost of a travelcard or as single tickets.
  • Criterion for participation: Minimum age 16 years.
  • Members: 30.


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