Fair prices.

Our ambition is to provide seamless mobility to as many customers as possible. Switzerland has the best public transport in the world. This is not without its costs, but public transport has to remain affordable. Wherever possible, we do everything we can to avoid price increases.

  • The Swiss public transport system has, perhaps justifiably, earned a reputation for complexity and high prices. People often forget that we have the best public transport system in the world, which comes at a price.
  • Modest price rises in recent years (no increase in 2015 and 2013, 2.3% in 2014) combined with a tangible improvement in services (rolling stock, service facilities, train and station facilities) have boosted the public’s perception of value for money.
  • The results of our endeavours to simplify ticketing (reducing the confusion surrounding the «via» designation, introducing an on-platform ticket purchasing system and increasing our goodwill gestures) have also contributed to this. We are continuing to work hard in this area.
  • There are already a number of ways to travel cheaply by train. SBB has also greatly expanded its range of supersaver tickets and will continue to do so (link to supersaver tickets). More than 8,000 customers enjoy the benefits of supersaver tickets every day.

The Litra study «A comparison of public transport offers and prices between Switzerland and Europe» shows that public transport prices in Switzerland are in the middle of the range compared with neighbouring countries. The study also confirms that Swiss public transport is by far the highest quality and offers the best price/performance ratio of any country.