You have your requirements, we have our Guidelines.

If, however, your partnership proposal meets the following criteria, SBB will gladly review your application for a possible collaboration.

Economic benefit.

Your project helps to promote SBB's business goals such as higher sales, higher earnings or greater profitability, or is likely to have a positive impact on traffic development and/or improve the percentage of costs covered.

Relevance to products and services.

Your project is directly relevant to SBB’s products and services.

Support for marketing goals/corporate positioning.

Your project supports SBB’s current marketing and communication goals and respects its corporate positioning.

No monetary payments.

In partnerships, SBB does not make any monetary payments to the partners. The consideration expected by the partner must be covered by appropriate communication measures or contributions in kind.

SBB in leading role.

SBB requires a leading role in any partnerships. It will accept the role of second partner in exceptional cases, however – if, for example, no other role would be possible without financial involvement and SBB is still interested in the partnership.

SBB partners strong brands.

SBB’s partners are among the leaders in their respective markets and have an impeccable image. The partnership should further the development of the SBB and/or SBB Cargo brands.

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