No-one has as much power to support you with or prevent you from commuting outside peak times as your own team.

That is why it is important to discuss mutual expectations frequently and on a regular basis. If you succeed in convincing your team to take the time for this workshop, you will have already achieved a great deal.

This workshop requires the attendance of the whole team, including your superior. We therefore recommend preparing for it in good time. Suggest the workshop to your team and make sure all the participants reserve two hours for it.


  1. Pre-workshop tasks for the facilitator. (PDF, 463 KB)This document is not barrier-free. (PDF, 463 KB)
  2. Team Workshop: “Breaking free offersnewscope”. (PDF, 529 KB)This document is not barrier-free. (PDF, 529 KB)
  3. Agreement. (PDF, 38 KB)This document is not barrier-free. (PDF, 38 KB)

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