The new commuter lifestyle.

Are you looking for a new commuter lifestyle? Get to know three people who have already made self-determined commuting their normal way of life.

Camille Schwarzentruber.

Camille Schwarzentruber, Mitarbeiterin SAP (ab 2018 Mitarbeiterin AdNovum)

"For me, self-determined commuting means not cycling to work in heavy traffic – which means I feel safer. I am also simply more relaxed, which is good for my work and motivation levels.

That is why my employer explicitly wants and accepts trust-based working hours. All the same, I regularly receive comments such as "Oh, you're finishing early today!" if I leave the office at 4 p.m. But I can deal with that because my well-being comes first."

Camille Schwarzentruber, employee at AdNovum.

Peter Thurnherr.

Peter Thurnherr

"As a manager, I can set an important example to help make sure that flexible working models are used to their full potential – by individuals, companies and society as a whole. To achieve this, we need to be willing to try, discuss and improve flexible working. This enables us to find and organise the right kind of model. Flexible working promotes trust, freedom, enjoyment of everyday life and self-motivation. Everyone in the team is clearly satisfied with the way in which we implement flexibility and enjoy mobility in our jobs. For meetings with customers, we propose time-frames that permit us to travel outside peak times. Of course, this isn't always possible, but it is appreciated.

When members of the team are in the office, they talk to each other to ensure a flow of information. Coffee and lunch breaks are popularly used to exchange information and are important. Nobody eats on their own here. Team satisfaction is noticeable and, as a consequence, fluctuation levels are low. The customers notice all of this and give us feedback such as: your team are always available and in a good mood!"

Peter Thurnherr, Head of Business Customers East at SBB.  

Julia Schultheiss.

Peter Thurnherr

"Lectures are held at different times of the day. Sometimes I do have to travel during rush hour to get to the university for around 8 a.m. On the whole, however, we students have a great deal of freedom to determine how and when we travel. I make the most of it. I study where and when it suits me best: sometimes in the library, sometimes at home or on the train, sometimes in the afternoons, sometimes in the evenings. I hope I will be able to continue working this flexibly once I have graduated because it is how I work best and am able to combine my studies and my private life.

Julia Schultheiss, Business Studies student at the University of Berne.

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