The role of SBB.

As the backbone of public transport, we are happy to be able to move you – and thus our country's economy – forward, now and in the future.

Your daily work makes Switzerland what it is: a model of success. To make sure this remains true in the future, we need to make better use of our existing transport resources. If we can succeed together in expanding the transport infrastructure according to need, and utilise and enhance the transport offering intelligently, we will lay the foundation for a public transport system that is sustainable and affordable and boosts the economy.

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Why do peak times not disappear automatically?

That is what we asked ourselves and then researched to find out the answer. The result: deeply ingrained habits and social norms in the world of work are the main reasons why most people still travel at peak times.

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What is the next step? We still firmly believe that commuting outside peak times benefits individuals and society. That is why we constantly strive to promote this.

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