Sustainability strategy.

Travelling by rail reduces environmental impact, saves resources, energy and space, and produces comparatively low CO2 emissions. SBB is Switzerland's largest provider of sustainable mobility and one of the country's most significant employers.

This brings with it a binding commitment to economic, environmental and social sustainability. SBB consistently takes sustainability criteria into account along the entire value chain – from procurement, to production, use and disposal.

“We are in the midst of a digital revolution holding opportunities and risks for SBB, our jobs and our employees. New technologies and digitalisation are calling for new knowledge, changing job roles and workplaces and creating different working environments. Together with our social partners, we are seeking sustainable solutions. To this end, we launched the first digitalisation fund of its kind in Switzerland in 2018 and endowed it with ten million Swiss francs. As a result of the digitalisation fund, studies and projects are being launched which are analysing the business opportunities and challenges being presented to SBB’s jobs and world of work. In addition, the fund is also to be used to create further development programmes for both existing and future professions, which will undergo significant changes as a result of digitalisation. In this, we are embracing our social responsibility as an employer and making a contribution towards Switzerland’s sustainable development.”

Andreas Meyer, CEO

Your first choice for sustainable mobility – SBB assumes responsibility.

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