Toilet facts.

SBB has over 3,300 toilets on its rail services. A peek behind the scenes shows that a lot of work and money goes into maintaining them.

  • SBB does everything it can to ensure that its customers have clean and functioning toilets.
  • It therefore continually invests in maintaining toilet systems.
  • A total of around 1,000 cleaning specialists keep the trains clean. Over 500 of them are at work on our trains every day.
  • On average, 3 in 4 faults are resolved the same day.
  • On long-distance services, there is 1 toilet per 70 to 80 seats.
  • On regional services, where passengers are generally on the trains for shorter periods of time, there is 1 toilet per around 300 seats.
  • Several times a day, cleaning staff carry out cursory cleans. They check the cleanliness of the toilets, clean them and refill toilet paper and soap if necessary. After the end of service, the toilets are cleaned thoroughly. 
  • Out-of-order toilets are reported as soon as possible. Reports are made by passenger attendants, locomotive crew, diagnostic technicians, cleaning staff, SBB employees or customers.

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