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SAP – more than just software.

We are shaping the mobility of the future. SAP S/4 is simplifying and standardising our complex SAP system landscape. Join us in the IT national team as an SAP S/4 professional.

Pioneer of agility and digital transformation.

The variety at SBB is unique. As an SAP professional, you are part of the IT national team that is radically simplifying our SAP landscape and increasing efficiency in the entire company as a result. Help us shape the digital backbone of SBB and expand the horizons of your expertise.

If you’re as multifaceted as SBB, apply for a place in the IT national team.

Integrated Business Planning (IBP).

As a mobility service provider, we are constantly improving ourselves for our customers. With SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) we have managed to lay a unique foundation for optimised resource planning in construction projects and maintenance activities. The interdisciplinary IT national team has the responsibility of developing this solution further and working together to exploit the potential of this solution.

If you’re as unique as SBB, apply for a place in the IT national team. 

Maintenance and asset management.

Sound and reliable railway infrastructure is of central importance to meet the high punctuality and safety requirements of the 840,000 people who travel with us every day. With the help of SAP Predictive Asset Insights (PAI), we obtain meaningful data on the condition of our assets. As part of the IT national team, you make a significant contribution to the effective operation of our assets and the proactive prevention of malfunctions.

If you’re as reliable as SBB, apply for a place in the IT national team. 

Multi Bank Connectivity (MBC).

Our pioneering spirit has been driving us for decades. We were the first Swiss company to implement a complete SAP standard solution in our complex financial system with Multi Bank Connectivity (MBC). This gives us optimal control of all payment transactions. Work with the best SAP S/4 professionals in Switzerland, and shape the mobility of the future in the IT national team.

If you have a pioneering spirit like SBB, apply for a place in the IT national team. 

Working at SBB.

Do you want to use your technical expertise to do something great every day in the IT national team? Then we look forward to receiving your application! If you don’t find a suitable vacancy right now, you can apply for our talent pool. 

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