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Patrick Krähenbühl

SAP System Architect, a networker who enjoys travel and fine cuisine

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SAP Consultant: Versatility achieves great things.

You achieve great things with the solutions you develop to the wide range of problems facing the specialist units as well as by maintaining and improving existing SAP processes and applications.

We provide tools for data-based company management – that’s our strategically-relevant contribution.

Elisabeth Fischer

SAP Consultant (90%), a sportswoman who loves outdoor activities and travel

SAP expertise. 

You have in-depth SAP knowledge and understand the technical possibilities of the various standard SAP applications. We have an extremely varied SAP portfolio: from asset-intensive areas – such as networks, rolling stock and real estate – and customer-oriented areas that use sales and CRM applications to cross-divisional functions like HR, finance and supply chain management. All of this means extremely interesting day-to-day tasks. You gain an insight into the various areas of SBB and make great things happen. 

New developments.

You continually refine solutions for the automation of SBB business and technical processes. Your innovative spirit helps ensure future-oriented consultations, continuous product development and original solution scenarios. You make a major contribution to business optimisation. SAP consultants also draw up guidelines and directives and assume responsibility for the processes involved. They help optimise SBB’s entire portfolio of services.


SAP Consultants work on operations and know the SBB business processes like the back of their hand. They know how technical requirements can be implemented in the existing SAP environment. You apply your expert skills to rectify errors, carry out modifications yourself and ensure transition to operational use. This means you help keep Switzerland moving. 

Achieve great things.

Your tasks are extremely varied and exciting – what awaits you is anything but a routine job. The presentation of the SAP Innovation Award in the peak load management category to SBB underlines its credentials as a highly innovative company. This does not just benefit SBB as a company, but also you as a SAP Consultant.

Do something great.

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