These manual jobs make great things happen!

SBB Manual Worker Challenge.

12 candidates, 6 challenges and lots of hard work. See how our talented manual workers clearly proved their skill and find out more about our exciting manual jobs.

The challenge: Maintenance Technician.

Do you have a good eye for small details? Then being a maintenance technician may be just the right thing for you. Candidates Stefanie and Luca give their all in this tricky challenge to get the trains ready for the many kilometres they will travel. 

The challenge: Engine Driver for Engineering Trains.

Childhood dreams come true in this episode. However great that may feel, talented manual workers Antonella and Yilmaz quickly realised that working life as an engine driver for engineering trains is no walk in the park. You need to have a feel for this job and a good level of concentration. 

The challenge: Safety and Installations Technician.

Over 13,000 points have to be set for our trains to get from A to B. Day and night, come rain or sunshine. Our candidates Fabio and Sandro luckily only have to take care of one – but even that is a real challenge for these talented manual workers. 

The challenge: Powerline Technician.

Have you ever wondered what different things are needed to make sure a train arrives safely? Powerline technicians should be right at the top of the list. They make sure that there’s electricity running in the first place. Will our talented manual workers Jasmin and Michael be able to cope with so much responsibility?

The challenge: Track Layer.

When working on the tracks, time is short and every movement you make has to be right. Candidates Phipu and Nicolas, who are our guests for this challenge as track layers, really get a sweat on. How do they do? Watch the video and discover the exciting world of track laying. 

The challenge: Production Specialist.

Staff working in production take care of the well-being of our trains. Candidates Oli and Niels have the opportunity to attempt the ultimate master discipline and show that they have what it takes to be production specialists. Things are getting hot!

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