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Patrick Polzyn

Powerline technician, railway enthusiast and full-time Dad.

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Powerline technician: Building overhead contact lines.

As a powerline technician, you can withstand all weather conditions. Your commitment helps ensure our catenary systems remain intact and our customers arrive safely and punctually at their destination.

As a powerline technician, I build and maintain the traction power supply and ensure the trains have voltage.

Thomas Bernet

Powerline technician, whose passion is photographing American trains and planes.

Technical skills.

You build and maintain catenary systems professionally and be responsible for troubleshooting. Various manual tasks guarantee variety in your everyday work: you weld, assemble, drill and cut on railway construction sites in order to drive Switzerland forward. In this way, you ensure that Switzerland keeps ahead and that our passengers reach their destination reliably, safely and punctually. Your previous technical knowledge, in fields such as metal construction, agricultural machinery/car mechanics or tinsmith and locksmith, will help you with your day-to-day tasks. 

Be independent.

We rate motivated people with a high degree of personal responsibility and who are team players very highly: in fact, you will place switching orders and carry out switching and earthing work independently. Keeping the vehicle’s logbook reflects your precise way of working. You also record reports and working hours in a conscientious manner. Your suggestions for improvements to processes and equipment will make a difference to Switzerland and ensure our reliability and customer satisfaction. 

Ensuring safety.

In all your tasks, you demonstrate a high level of consideration for safety at the workplace. Whether operating specialised equipment (crane, lifting crane, etc.), or warning of approaching trains, you ensure your own protection and that of your team. When reporting technical defects, you also keep an eye on the safety of our passengers. These are tasks that really matter. As an engine driver (Cat. 40, B100), you will also make journeys to and from the construction site. 

Do something great.

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